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A D A M   M A R T I N

Sarah Good is a 14 year old American girl and a talented show jumper. Therefore, no one understands why she suddenly loses control of her horse at a show, and badly injures herself. Sarah herself knows why she fell. In the middle of her jump she had a vision of her long lost grandmother Gudrun Schillingmeyer saying good bye.


At the same time an old lady is put to rest in Norway. Gudrun lived a long and colored life. Now she follows her daughter Svanhild to her final resting place. What is the connection with Sarah's fear of horses? Sarah knows that she has to get back on her horse, but how? She will find her answer in a remote part of Norway.


Original Title: Monocerus - den mystiske enhjørningen
International Title: Monocerus - the mysterious unicorn
Genre: Drama
Running time: 100 minutes

Directed by: Adam Martin
Written by: Arnfinn Christensen
Produced by: Jarle Bjørknes
Cast: Caroline Elgert, Bob Cain, Jeffrey Goldenberg, Marlene O´Haire, Chris Haas, Braeden Kennedy, Jennifer Tuttle, Russel Woron-Simons
DoP: Kim Henning Bjorheim
Editor: Terje Paasche

Costumes: Torunn Siksjoe and Sveinborg Ingvadottir

Composer: Jørn Lavoll

Released: 2008

Monocerus - official movieposter
Sarah Good and Betelgeuze trying to become friends
Thor Stormberg meeting Sarah Good for the first time
Thor Stormberg follows Svanhild Schillingmeyer to the grave
Betelgeuze having a hard time after accident
Sarah an Eric playing in the waterfall
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