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The Boys from Vangen

It is 1940. The war has just come to Norway. In a tragic accident the brothers Steinar and Kåre lose their father. To save their home, they must continue logging where their father left off. 


The English surveillance pilot Jimmy crashlands in their wood. Steinar and Kåre need to make some moral choices so they end up in a dilemma between the bank, the occupying power, the Norwegian resistance movement and a pilot.


The boys from Vangen is a live action trilogy that follows two brothers during the WW2. It is based on the famous universe created by Leif Halse in 1941.


Original Title: Vangsgutane
International Title: The Boys from Vangen

Genre: Adventure (family)

Running time: 3 x 90 minutes

Directed by: To be announced
Written by: John Kåre Raake
Produced by: Jarle Bjørknes

Stage of development: Development

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