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The Treasure Hunters

S T I A N   K R I S T I A N S E N

The mother of Hedda (16) and her little brother Gaute (10) travels to Dadeeb to work for Médecins Sans Frontières. The kids are forced to spend the summer in northern Norway with their father Nore, and imagine they will have little to do, but help clean out the house and belongings of their recently deceased grandfather. 


Among the memorabilia, Hedda discovers an ancient compass from the old French privateer Le enfant de la Patrie. She tries to persuade her father to help her search for the ship’s hidden treasure, but he refuses. However Hedda summons the help of Gaute, and her new friend Philip and start a search for the treasure


Hedda is convinced, that she will become stinking rich and even though Philip is eager to find the ship, he does not seem to be excited about the wealth.  


This summer, chasing for Le enfant de la Patrie, will force Hedda to grow up fast; and the dark secret on the ship will change everything in the end.


The Treasure Hunters is a live action feature inspired by the search for the wreck of the French privateer Le Enfant de la Patrie that sank in 1798.


Original Title: Skattejegerne
International Title: The Treasure Hunters

Genre: Adventure (family)

Running time: 90 minutes

Directed by: Stian Kristiansen
Written by: John Kåre Raake
Produced by: Jarle Bjørknes

Stage of development: Late development

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