J A R L E   B J Ø R K N E S


Original Title: Taking Care of Elvis
International Title: Taking Care of Elvis
Genre: Documentary
Running time: 30 minutes

Directed by: Jarle Bjørknes
Written by: Jarle Bjørknes and Kim Henning Bjorheim
Produced by: Jarle Bjørknes
Cast: Kjell Elvis, Sigmund Bjørkeland, Steinar Elvis Lyshaug, Pater Pollestad, Robin Turley

DoP: Kim Henning Bjorheim
Editor: Kim Henning Bjorheim
Composer: Main theme by Eddie Rabbitt and Dick Heard. End credit by Robin Turley.

Released: 2002

Taking Care of Elvis

25 years after Elvis passed away, people all over the world is remembering him in their own ways. Some more extreme than other. Through the eyes of two Elvis impersonators, a catholic father, a pub owner and a radio host we investigate the forces that keeps the legend alive.

Incitus Films, Øvre Kleivegate 16, N-4005 Stavanger, Norway