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At nine, Casper learns his absent father has passed. Amidst loss, he embarks on a transformative journey, uncovering an invisible bond that had always tethered him to the father he never knew. "Tinbound" is a childish exploration of the unbreakable connections that shape us, a testament to the unseen threads that bind the past, present, and future into the tapestry of our lives.


Original Title: Blikkbånd
International Title: Tinbound
Genre: Short Short fiction
Running time: 14 minutes

Directed by: Mustafa Battal
Written by: Mustafa Battal and Stine Sørensen
Produced by: Jarle Bjørknes
Cast: Arthur Berning, Alfred Wilhelmsen, Line Brå Johansen
DoP: Mitja Licen
Editor: Silje Rekk
Composer: Jørn Lavoll

Sound designer: Frode Ytre-Arne

Delivery: May 2024

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