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More Woman More Cry

A N N E   H A U G S G J E R D

Anne Haugsgjerd (77), a renowned Norwegian director, reflects in a poetic, provocative and emotional way about entering the last chapter of her life.

A naked story about aging, gravity and smoking weed.


Original Title: More Woman More Cry
International Title: More Woman More Cry
Genre: Short Documentary
Running time: 24 minutes

Directed by: Anne Haugsgjerd
Written by: Anne Haugsgjerd
Produced by: Jarle Bjørknes
Cast: Anne Haugsgjerd
DoP: Anne Haugsgjerd
Editor: Terje Paasche
Composer: Svein Ragnar Myklebust

Sound designer: Frode Ytre-Arne

Delivery: February 2021

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